The following warranty terms apply to all Chery Industrial products. For specific warranty terms for shelters, click here.


1) What does this warranty cover?

  • Covers defects in materials used to manufacture your product. 
  • Covers defects in workmanship under normal use. 
  • Covers broken components under normal use.


2) What will you do to correct problems?

Products will be offered parts depending on the circumstances.


3) How long does coverage last?

  • All Chery Industrial products come with a 1-year non-transferable warranty when purchased from us. (The warranty period is determined by the date of your original purchase invoice)
  • Some products come with an extended warranty. 


4) What isn’t covered?

  • Damage that occurs during shipping.
  • All products have 30 days to check for missing or defective parts. If a claim is made for missing or defective parts after 30 days of purchase, the buyer is responsible for the costs of shipping and parts.
  • Product that has been subjected to abuse, accident, alteration, modification, tampering, vandalism, negligence, misuse, abrasive contact, lack of reasonable care, or if affixed to any attachment not provided with the product.
  • Damage caused due to not following the user manual, or a faulty installation and operation.
  • Damage caused by natural wear on parts that are designed to wear out (chisels, blades, etc). 
  • Damage caused by use in an environment that the product is not designed for. 
  • Damage caused by natural disasters. 
  • Theft or loss of a product. 


5) To start a claim please email info@cheryindustrial.ca with the following information.

  • Bill of sale or other proof(s) of purchase to validate warranty service
  • Buyer's information: name, phone number, address.
  • Product serial number (found stamped on a sticker on the product).
  • Where the product was purchased (including purchase number if applicable).
  • A description of the defect 
  • Photographs showing the defects

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